Okay, so a little background first. I've been building websites and doing VFX since I was in middle school. I was a nerdy, introverted, computer-loving kid who never had much homework and had a lot of time. So, I learned a lot of skills. After high school, I took my skills to college...

And then I forgot them. I hadn't lost them, I just forgot that I had them. I was too caught up in working full time and being stressed out by class that I ended up losing touch with myself. I left college without a degree and thought that I had found myself again, working full time as a video editor for an entrepreneur. Cut to January 2021. It's the middle of the pandemic, the job turned out to be garbage, and the boss turned out to be a real piece of shit. I left. Now, I'm unemployed and I have a lot of time on my hands. So what do I do?

Cut to today. I have truly found myself (as far as I know). I have returned to my roots, and I built this blog. I built the whole thing. I didn't use any themes or prebuilt shit, no, I went all the way. I built the server (virtual instance) and I wrote the code. Is it that impressing? No. But I feel good about it, so I'm happy.

Anyway, the blog is done now. And I have a plan.

I have a plan.

I'm going to make art. I'm going to work with AI. I'm going to make AI make art, and it's going to be glorious. It's the perfect combo of all of my interests. I never realized that I could do this until  Iwatched a TikTok where someone was doing it. I'm shocked, and a little horrified, that I had never thought of it before. See you on the other side, everyone. Follow up here in a week or so to see if I've posted anything new. Guaranteed I will have.

3/26/21 Update: let it be known that I am looking into this still.